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Ultrakote Floating Anti-Slip Media

$20.00 inc GST

None settling anti-slip media for epoxy and polyurethane floor coating products


Fine Floating Anti-slip Media


Ultrakote Floating Anti-Slip Media is specifically formulated to produce easy-to-keep clean and safe-to-walk on floor coatings. The lightweight nature of fine anti-slip media will allow it to float in high solids epoxy and polyurethane products and it will not settle like heavier anti-slip media and does not change the physical properties of the coating.

It is the best solution for garage, warehouse and workshop floor-coating projects that require a slightly slip-resistant floor covering.

If you like to purchase the product in bulk, send us a message and we will get back to you with a competitive price.

Available in Fine and Medium.

Important notes

  • Our recommendation is to add one container of Ultrakote Floating Anti-Slip Media per up to 10 liters of coloured epoxy or polyurethane product’s final coat and mix it for one minute using an electric drill. Apply the mixed product using a 10 – 12mm nap roller
  • To achieve a uniform finish, the product should be rolled down and then back rolled, for large floor areas, consider purchasing epoxy spike shoes to allow you to walk on the wet coating
  • This anti-slip media might achieve P2 or R9 Slip rating – to achieve a higher slip rating, consider broadcasting aluminum oxide or sand over the wet epoxy film and applying a locking coat over the anti-slip media.
  • Not suitable for restaurants, Commercial Kitchen floors and areas subject to water pooling.
  • May change the look of clear products.

Feel free to contact us for more information on how to achieve a slip-resistant floor coating



Back-rolling technique video



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