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UltraKote, Polyurethane and Epoxy Flooring Products

ULTRAKOTE FLAKE EPOXY FLOORING Completed by Sydney Industrial Coatings

Welcome to Ultrakote - Your Ultimate Flooring Solution

At Ultrakote, we redefine the standards of excellence in the world of flooring solutions. Our mission is simple yet profound - to provide industrial coatings at competitive pricing directly to the public, with a commitment to unparalleled quality and service.

Who Are Ultrakote Premium Floor Coating Solutions

At Ultrakote, we're more than just manufacturers; we're passionate about flooring. With over two decades of experience, we've developed a deep understanding of what it takes to create exceptional flooring solutions. Our team doesn't just assess products in a controlled environments; we're out in the field, putting our solutions to the test in real-world scenarios. Our commitment to excellence drives us to test and refine our products in practical scenarios as we believe in experiencing our products firsthand so that we can deliver the best to our customers. From residential spaces to industrial settings, from warehouses and workshops to showrooms and offices, we've experienced it all. Our hands-on approach allows us to deliver the highest quality flooring solutions to our customers.

Unmatched Floor Coating Expertise

What sets Ultrakote apart is our unparalleled comparative testing. We've accumulated an extensive sample size across various application conditions, curing processes, and industry-specific requirements. This means we know what works, and more importantly, what doesn't. Our dedication to ethical business practices ensures that we only sell the best, saving our customers precious time, money, and resources.

An Epoxy Flooring Showroom Like No Other

Walk through Sydney Industrial Coating's warehouse, and you'll see our commitment to transparency. Our industrial flooring and epoxy flooring samples are right there on the ground, showcasing how our systems stand the test of time. Whether it's metallic epoxy coating, flake epoxy flooring, single-colored flooring solution, or clear concrete coating, you can visually witness their durability and aesthetics.

Our Product Range

- Epoxies: Explore our high solids epoxy flooring kits and moisture barrier 100% solids epoxy flooring kits. For quicker curing times, we offer compatible epoxy boosters. We also provide coving and patching repair kits.

- Polyurethanes: Choose from our clear solvent-based and water-based options, designed to suit every application need while offering UV-resistant properties.

- Polyaspartic Coatings: Discover the ultimate in industrial coatings - our polyaspartic floor coatings, known for their strength and UV stability.

- Additional Products: We offer anti-slip media, metallic epoxy pigments, and other products to enhance any floor coating system, including flake epoxy flooring, solid color epoxy, metallic and liquid epoxy marble flooring, and clear coatings.

Why Choose Ultrakote through Sydney Industrial Coatings

Most manufacturers do not sell directly to the public, but Sydney Industrial Coatings does. Our extensive testing and massive sample size ensure that you get pricing, stock availability, and genuine advice that you won't find elsewhere. We provide all the information you need, free of charge, from project conception to completion. Our multi-purpose kits and all-in-one solutions eliminate hidden costs and make your project hassle-free.

Serving You Nationwide

Our services are not limited to Sydney metro areas; we ship to major cities and metro areas nationwide. Wherever you are, Ultrakote is your trusted flooring partner.

Discover Ultrakote Today

Explore our wide range of products today! Whether you're interested in epoxy floors, polyurethanes, polyaspartic coatings, or more, Ultrakote has the perfect solution for your needs. Contact us or check out our floor coating packages to get started on your flooring project. If you're looking for more information on epoxy flooring systems, we're here to help.

Experience the Ultrakote difference - quality, reliability, and affordability combined in every product we offer. Your floors deserve nothing less.

At Sydney Industrial Coatings, we are proud to be leading Sydney distributors of Ultrakote floor products. Ultrakote is renowned Australia-wide for their long-lasting and heavy-duty coatings applied to concrete surfaces in various areas. From manufacturing stores, garages and car washes, their epoxy resin is a custom blend of polymer resins and hardening agents that create a pourable and impenetrable finish. This durable material resists wear, fuel spills, chemicals, and even high foot or vehicular traffic.

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