We provide smarter & greener floor coating solutions.

Sydney Industrial Coatings is a trusted supplier of leading brand epoxy flooring products at trade prices in Sydney. We specialise in stocking and supplying high-performance epoxy floor coating systems and products and floor preparation and application equipment and tools meeting the highest industry standards. All the products in our portfolio are meant to ensure long-lasting, durable, and reliable results.

Our comprehensive range of coatings is meant for both protective and decorative purposes and our extensively experienced and knowledgeable staff are industry-specific experts and with many years of combined experience are ready to attend to your enquiry and provide you with a cost-effective solution for your upcoming floor coating project without compromising on quality.

Manufacturers & Brands

We provide both in-store and online sales with our showrooms spread across hundreds of square meters of space in Silverwater and Northbridge. You can be certain in finding a product with the durability, finish, and colour to match your project’s unique requirements. At Sydney Industrial Coatings, our showrooms provide the professional space for owners, installers, specifiers, and builders to explore our range of systems from all the major brands in Australia, including:

You can explore our products online or in-person at our showroom. Our staff are knowledgeable and highly experienced. Rather than being focused on making a sale, our team wants to provide you with the right solution. 

Our Products & Systems

All our product offerings are formulated for low VOC emissions and safe application. We specialise in the distribution and supply of epoxy paints and coatings for applications in different industries and environments.

Some of the key features and benefits of our products and systems are as follows:

Application Equipment & Tools

Sydney Industrial Coatings is proud to be a one-stop-shop for all your floor preparation, application, and epoxy coating needs. Besides being a leading epoxy resin supplier in Sydney, we also stock and supply all the application tools and equipment required for completing your projects. Our inventory allows us to ensure convenient and streamlined supplies in one place.

Since our inception, contractors and other businesses have relied on us for specialist products and systems, preparation and coating tools and equipment, consumables, and accessories. Our loyal clients have continued to maintain long-standing business relationships with us for the quality of products and services that we offer. From diamond grinders to diamond grinding plugs, we stock and supply everything required to meet all your equipment, accessory, and epoxy supplies needs under one roof.

We specialise in all types of epoxy floor supplies for garage showrooms, workshops, food preparation areas, commercial kitchens, restaurants, warehouses, and other industries. Our product offerings also include 2 pack epoxy sealers, 2 pack polyurethanes, and more. Our portfolio allows you to create the desired colours and finishes of your choice. We are also a trusted metallic epoxy paint Sydney and flake supplier Sydney. Sydney Industrial Coatings (SIC) is amongst the largest stock holding company in the region and we provide returns on any unused materials with a full refund.

Commercial Epoxy Industrial Coatings

Epoxy and polyurethane coatings are suitable for a variety of environments, but they can also be adapted to meet specific needs. They’re solvent-free, which makes them a safer, greener solution suitable for most industrial environments. Industrial flooring can deteriorate quickly, especially untreated concrete, and epoxy coating provides protection. With a quartz aggregate addition, all of our industrial coating products can be made non-slip. The addition provides a textured finish to increase the grip, whether for foot traffic or machinery. This is a must if there’s a high risk of slips and trips. 

Sydney Industrial Coatings is a one-stop shop. We stock floor preparation, application, and epoxy floor coating. In addition, you can purchase the tools and equipment you require for application as well. We provide specialist products and equipment for contractors, businesses, and those in need of industrial coatings.