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Sikafloor 264 full 20kg kit

(9 customer reviews)


including 2x 1.15kg pigment packs

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Colour/Product Disclaimer


Sikafloor 264 is part of a 2-component solvent free pigmented epoxy resin based flooring system.


Uses and advantages


  • Food processing industry
  • Chemical/pharmaceutical industry
  • Power stations
  • Plastics industry
  • Laboratories and rooms subject to radiation
  • Clean rooms, exhibition halls and showrooms
  • Demonstration areas and training rooms
  • Washrooms, cloakrooms

For use on mineral-based substrates such as:

  • Concrete
  • Mortar
  • Stone
  • Epoxy Modified Mortars (EpoCem)


  • High mechanical properties
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • Good chemical resistance
  • High durability
  • Coloured
  • Solvent free
  • Jointless
  • Easy and fast to apply
  • Easily cleaned and maintained
  • Waterproof

Standard colours (available now)

Light Grey RAL 7035, Window Grey RAL 7040, Dusty Grey RAL 7037, Koala Grey N45, Stone Grey RAL 7030, Traffic Black RAL 9017

Specialty Colours (available on request only)
Signal White RAL 9003, Dahlia Yellow RAL 1033, Red Orange RAL 2001, Ruby Red RAL 3003, Oxide Red RAL 3009, Pastel Blue RAL 5024, Sky Blue RAL 5015, Signal Blue RAL 5005, Grass Green RAL 6001, Reed Green RAL 6013, Slate Grey RAL 7015, Anthacite Grey RAL 7016, Grey White RAL 9002, Pebble Grey RAL 7032, Beige RAL 1001, Grey Beige 1019



Proportioned 20kg kit
Part A 13.09 kg
Part B 4 kg
Pigment Pack 2x 1.15 kg

Data Sheets

Quick Guide  |  PDS  |  SDS Part A  |  SDS Part B  |  SDS Pigment Paste



Colour accuracy disclaimer: We have taken care to display the most accurate visuals of our products. However, we are not responsible for the colour accuracy of the device you are viewing our swatches on. These variations arise due to different computer monitors and devices (make, model and technology, as well as resolution, contrast and brightness control settings) in much the same way a scan will differ from an original image and a colour photocopy. Furthermore, coatings can exhibit variation in perceived colour depending on gloss level and application method. If you require a very specific colour match, please make your selection via actual swatches and colour boards available at our showroom.

Product Disclaimer: Ensure you read all product, technical and safety data sheets prior to application as liability falls on the applicator. All products must be applied in accordance with manufacturer’s recommended method.

Additional information


Anthacite Grey, Beige, Dahlia Yellow, Dusty Grey, Grass Green, Grey Beige, Grey White, Koala Grey, Light Grey, Oxide Red, Pastel Blue, Pebble Grey, Red Orange, Reed Green, Ruby Red, Signal Blue, Signal White, Sky Blue, Slate Grey, Stone Grey, Traffic Black, Window Grey

9 reviews for Sikafloor 264 full 20kg kit

  1. Robert Whitehead

    a very great product.
    Loved this kit.

  2. Jonas Navarro

    very great.
    very economical

  3. Jimmy Arnold

    Good product with wide range of colors.

  4. Sam Neilsburg

    I used this beautiful product and it covered 70 SQM easily.
    Take this product and you’ll see how great it is.

  5. Jackie Ross

    This is a very great kit that comes with a varied range of pigments.
    I love this kit.

  6. Adam Ulrich

    Don’t miss Sika products. They are the best.

  7. James Campeltown

    Very good coverage

  8. Jim Rod

    It’s great for the garage floors. I loved it.

  9. Rahman Tallal

    It covers around 60 to 70 SQMs. This product is awesome.

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