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Achieve a flawless flake floor coating with Ultrakote products using our step-by-step guide. We provide all the necessary steps and products for a seamless and durable finish. Perfect for both DIY enthusiasts and professionals, our guide makes the process simple and successful. See below to find out about the process and latest pricing on products offered by UltraKote Australia.

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Products used in Ultrakote’s Flake Floor Coating System


All products must be applied in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommended method. Ensure you read all product, technical and safety data sheets prior to application, as liability falls on the applicator.

– Preparation is the most important stage of applying any successful industrial coating system
– The recommended preparation method prior to applying an industrial grade floor coating system is diamond grinding; The purpose is to remove the existing coating, as well as the top layer of concrete, to allow the epoxy primer to penetrate deep into the subfloor and seal any pores
– Patch and fill any cracks using an epoxy mortar/fillers
– Apply one coat of UltraKote High Solids Epoxy OR UltraKote’s Ultra-Barrier as a primer coat using a 12mm nap roller and allow to cure – Coverage will be 5sqm/liter
– Return and apply 1x base coat of Ultrakote High Solids Epoxy and broadcast flake over the wet film, and allow to cure for 12-16 hours.
– Return to clean excess flake and vacuum any loose flake particles
– Apply two evenly applied roller coats of UltraKote UVSeal, with a short nap roller, and allow to cure for 24 hours
– Antislip media such as aluminium oxide can be added to the topcoat to achieve a higher slip rating
– Your floor will be trafficable after 24 hours and heavy items such as cars, boats, or trailers shouldn’t be parked on the floor for 7 days after application of the final coat.

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