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NuTech NuPool Epoxy

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Order NuPool Epoxy Online! NuPool Pool epoxy paint is an excellent choice to giving new life to your old pool!

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 Nutech NuPool Epoxy

Two Pack Epoxy Coating For Swimming Pools:

NuTech NuPool Epoxy is an isocyanate-free, high build gloss epoxy coating that is impervious to water and moisture. Formulated specifically for new bare concrete and fibreglass pools and recoating of aged 2 pack epoxy coated concrete and fibreglass swimming pools. NuTech NuPool Epoxy provides excellent resistance to scuffingabrasion as well as protection against fatty oils, alkali, acid and efflorescence. It is available in 13 standard colours.

NuPool Epoxy Features:

  • Isocyanate Free
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Excellent hardness
  • Outstanding chemical resistance
  • Hard-wearing
  • High resistance to corrosion and abrasion
  • Will resist bacterial growth
  • Easy application by brush, roller or spray


NuTech NuPool Epoxies Application Guide:

Discover seamless pool restoration with NuTech NuPool Epoxies Application Guide, providing step-by-step instructions for effortless application. Achieve professional results and revive your pool with ease.

Equipment & Tools:

  • Brush or Roller (see TDS for spray application)
  • Pressure washer and vacuum cleaner
  • Drop sheets, cardboard or old tarps


  • Degrease the entire pool with Nu-EcoSafe Degreaser
  • Pressure clean the entire pool with a >2000psi pressure washer
  • Ensure all stains, oil and the chemical residue is removed. Repeat the cleaning process if needed
  • For bare concrete, etch the surface using Nu-EcoSafe Etch and rinse well
  • For old or existing 2 pack epoxy surfaces, sand or abrade the entire surface
  • Make any spot repairs to cracks or chips
  • Vacuum the entire pool with a soft bristle head. Ensure that all debris has been removed
  • Create a safe mixing area near the pool with drop sheets, tarps or cardboard

Coat One:

  • Mix the first coat of NuPool Epoxy using the 3:1 ratio (2-part kit) by adding NuPool Epoxy Part B into NuPool Epoxy Part A
  • Mix the 2 parts together thoroughly using a drill mixer
  • Add EPiC Epoxy 500 Thinner (approx 20%) and mix again
  • Allow the paint to stand for 10 minutes before application
  • Use a brush to cut in all edges and corners with NuPool, then roll to cover the surface
  • Allow drying for 5 hours (temperature dependant), before applying the second coat
  • DO NOT wait more than 72 hours before applying a second coat

Coat Two:

  • Mix the second coat of NuTech NuPool Epoxy using the 3:1 ratio (2-part kit) by adding  NuPool Part B into NuPool Part A
  • Mix the 2 parts together thoroughly using a drill mixer
  • Allow the paint to stand for 10 minutes before application
  • Use a brush to cut in all edges and corners with NuPool Epoxy, then roll to cover the surface
  • Allow drying for 5 hours (temperature dependant)


  • To create a non-slip surface, apply Nutech Coarse Anti-Slip to the second coat while it is still wet
  • If anti-slip has been applied, use a third coat of NuPool Epoxy over the areas


NuPool Epoxy takes 7 days to completely cure into a hard and durable surface. During this time, the pool must be kept dry. If the surface becomes wet, remove all water and allow it to continue curing.

Product in Use:


Do not allow degreaser or etch to dry on the pool surface. This may cause adhesion issues.

Safety Precautions

Proper safety procedures should be followed at all times while handling the product.

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