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NuTech PR200 Petrol Resistant Clear – 20L

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Tired of garage grime & petrol stains stealing your shine? NuTech’s got your back (and floor)! Unleash the mess-crushing power of PaveCoat Petrol Resistant Clear – your one-stop solution for sparkling surfaces.

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 NuTech PR200 Petrol Resistant Clear

NUTECH PR200 PETROL RESISTANT CLEAR: Unrivalled Protection for Surfaces Exposed to Petrol and Solvents

Introducing NuTech PaveCoat Petrol Resistant Clear—the ultimate solution for protecting and enhancing your surfaces. Say goodbye to worries about gasoline spills and stains with this innovative, high-performance coating. It not only shields your surfaces from gasoline damage but also adds a glossy finish that revitalises your space. Perfect for driveways, garage floors, and pathways, this clear coating creates a protective barrier that keeps your surfaces looking pristine.

Key Features:

  • Petrol Punisher: Say goodbye to unsightly stains and costly repairs! This sealer forms an impenetrable barrier against petrol, diesel, and oils, keeping your surfaces pristine.
  • Effortless Shine: Apply smoothly and watch your floors, driveways, or workshop gleam! It dries quickly to a durable, easy-to-clean finish; no more scrubbing or harsh chemicals are needed.
  • Versatility Unmatched: Ideal for garage floors, workshops, driveways, fuel stations, and any area prone to oily mishaps. One solution for all your stain worries!
  • Crystal Clear Advantage: Unlike some sealers, NuTech keeps your surface’s natural beauty vibrant. No yellowing, just a radiant shine that lasts.
  • Long-lasting Hero: Resists fading, cracking, and wear and tear, keeping your spaces looking flawless for years to come. Invest once and enjoy mess-free freedom for a long time!

Upgrade your surfaces with NuTech PaveCoat Petrol Resistant Clear—the clear choice for lasting protection and aesthetic enhancement. Invest in the longevity and beauty of your spaces today!

A Proven Application Guide for Success

For detailed substrate preparation and application steps, download Nutech PaveCoat Petrol Resistant comprehensive application guide. Therefore, achieve optimal results by following these essential steps:

  • Preparation: Use Nu-EcoSafe Etch and Nu-EcoSafe Ultra Etch, followed by a thorough pressure wash.
  • Equipment: Opt for a roller or brush for an even application.
  • Conditions: Apply in dry, ambient conditions between 10°C and 30°C, avoiding application if rain is expected within 12 hours or during the early morning or late evening.

Application Wisdom for Lasting Brilliance

Thin in accordance with the surface profile, and apply two even coats while carefully observing recoat and drying times. For further care and maintenance, download our comprehensive brochure.

Cautionary Measures for Optimal Performance

During the initial 7 days, exercise caution by refraining from parking vehicles with hot tyres or placing heavy items on the newly applied Nutech PaveCoat Petrol Resistant. Additionally, avoid applying it late in the day or early in the morning, as moisture may affect the gloss. Consequently, safety precautions are vital due to the flammable solvents present and to ensure proper ventilation in enclosed spaces. Furthermore, use X-5 Solvent for thinning and clean-up, steering clear of naked flames, sparks, and other potential ignition sources.

Fuel your surfaces with confidence—choose NUTECH PR200 PETROL RESISTANT CLEAR for unmatched protection and enduring brilliance.

Care & Maintenance Brochure.

Download PaveCoat Petrol Resistant TDS.

Download PaveCoat Petrol Resistant SDS.

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