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When it comes to garage flooring options, there are several choices available in the market. Two of the most popular options are epoxy garage flooring and paving paint for garage floors. Both have the...

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Equipment Cost to Start an Epoxy Flooring Business!

REQUIRED EQUIPMENT TO START AN EPOXY FLOORING BUSINESS Starting a business can be both challenging and rewarding. It requires you to find the right equipment, materials, and tools to get y...

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Make the Right Decision for Your Flooring Project! Understanding the Difference Between High and Low Solids Epoxy Flooring Products for Industrial Floors

  Having a good understanding of the solids content in an epoxy flooring product is essential for ensuring that you get the best performance and durability out of your floor. This article will...

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Taking the first step in any new floor coating project will require the correct preparation. This is the most important step in any Epoxy floor coating and we have listed our best practices...

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How To Apply Flake To A Garage Floor?

A garage is often more than a storage space left to its own condition. Homeowners everywhere are seeing the potential of these spaces. They respond accordingly by ensuring that the flooring is in pe...

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The Ultimate Guide To Epoxy Resin

Versatile and robust, epoxy resin is famous for its adhesive properties, making it valuable in many industries. This epoxy resin guide will take you through the types of epoxy resins, applying epoxy ...

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How to select the right Epoxy Coating contractor

Once you have painted your garage it will become part of your everyday life, therefore it will pay to do a few simple searches to ensure you are making the right decision in choosing the most suitab...

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5 Known benefits of Epoxy Floor Coating Systems

When planning to revamp your commercial or living space it’s essential to find a floor solution that can stand the brunt of your everyday activities and resist any wear and tear without calling fo...

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