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Xingyi HTG 680RC Remote Control Robot Floor Grinder

$28,050.00 inc GST

The XINGYI HTG 680RC Remote Control Grinder combines cutting-edge concrete grinding technology with a convenient hands-free remote control, ensuring precision, efficiency, and enhanced safety on the job site.




Experience Superior Grinding with Xingyi HTG-680RC: Redefining Affordability and Luxury

Revolutionized Convenience in a Compact Form: The HTG Series Evolution

Derived from our HTG series, the HTG-680RC stands as a testament to the harmonious blend of affordability and luxury. Featuring a modest 680mm size, it effortlessly navigates standard doors, making it an adaptable choice for medium to large jobs.

Unleash Effortless Operation and Elevated Productivity

Operational convenience takes center stage with the remote control feature, allowing seamless management of hoses and cables during the grinding process. Because of this our clients had witness a notable 40% increase in productivity, setting a benchmark for efficiency in grinding operations.

Precision in Motion: The Super Following System Unveiled

Activated by the super following system, inclusive of an HMI system, flexible turning, oscillating grinding, mist spray water, effortless transportation, swing weights, multi-functional plates, and a patented gearbox with MAGcleaning™. The HTG-680RC is meticulously engineered to tackle demanding tasks with precision.

Tailored for Your Challenges: Introducing the HTG-680RC

More than just a grinder, the HTG-680RC emerges as a tailored solution for challenges that demand finesse. Elevate your grinding experience with the precision, efficiency, and adaptability of the HTG-680RC – where affordability converges with luxury in a refined and passive approach.

Product Specifications:

  • Working Width: A sleek 680mm for optimum coverage.
  • Motor Power: A robust 11KW operating 440V 3phase.
  • Working Speed: Variable from 350 to 1500rpm for versatile grinding.
  • Heads: Φ230mm x 4heads for efficient and precise performance.
  • Operation: Remote control system for unparalleled ease.
  • Water Tank: A substantial 20L for optimal cooling during intensive tasks.
  • Weight: A sturdy 545kg, ensuring stability and durability.
  • Packing Size: Compact at 163 x 77 x 134 cm for easy transportation and storage.
  • Plate: 230mm x 4.

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  • HMI System: Control at your fingertips, intuitive and seamless.
  • Flexible Turning System: Expect adaptability that surpasses expectations.
  • Oscillating Grinding System: Where precision dances with finesse in every grind.
  • Mist Spray Water System: Elevate cool-down sessions to refreshing moments.
  • Effortless Transportation System: Achieve seamless mobility for dynamic projects.
  • Swing Weights System: Add finesse and flair to your grinding endeavors.
  • Multi-functional Plates System: Versatility that caters to every grinding mood.
  • Patent Gearbox with MAGcleaning™ System: Engineered for sustained and top-tier performance.

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