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Xingyi HTG-820RC Smart Remote Controlled Concrete Floor Grinder

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HTG-820RC: A game-changer in concrete grinding! Affordable luxury meets cutting-edge technology, making it the go-to choice globally. With a generous 820mm grinding width and super functions like HMI, flexible turning, and more, it’s your ticket to efficient and top-quality grinding.






Unveiling Precision: HTG-820RC Smart Remote Controlled Concrete Floor Grinder

In June 2022, High Tech Grinding Technologies proudly introduced the HTG-820RC Smart Remote Control Concrete Floor Grinder, marking a significant leap in the evolution of grinding technologies. As a testament to its anticipated impact, the grinder achieved remarkable success by swiftly gaining popularity, with an impressive 500+ units sold worldwide within the first year of its release during the 5th Xingyi Dust-free Month.

Versatility Redefined with a Grinding Width of 820mm

Designed for industrial applications, the HTG-820RC boasts a substantial grinding width of 820mm, making it an exceptional choice for a myriad of concrete floor applications. Whether it’s floor preparation, repair, or polishing and grinding tasks, this grinder excels in all scenarios, delivering optimal performance both in wet and dry conditions.

Innovative Systems for Unmatched Efficiency

The HTG-820RC stands out with its super following function system, incorporating:

  1. HMI System: Intuitive and user-friendly, ensuring seamless operation.
  2. Flexible Turning System: Adaptable to various grinding needs for precise results.
  3. Oscillating Grinding System: Enhances efficiency by covering more surface area.
  4. Mist Spray Water System: Ensures a clean and cool grinding process.
  5. Effortless Transportation System: Facilitates easy mobility for enhanced convenience.
  6. Swing Weights System: Adds versatility to grinding applications.
  7. Multi-functional Plates System: Accommodates diverse grinding requirements.
  8. Patent Gearbox with MAGcleaning™ System: A groundbreaking feature for maintenance efficiency.

The Epitome of Efficiency and Luxury

With all these unique advantages, the HTG-820RC is hailed as one of the most popular and efficient grinding machines on the market. Combining affordability with luxury, this grinder offers an unparalleled grinding experience for professionals seeking top-tier performance in surface refinement. Experience precision and efficiency like never before with the HTG-820RC Smart Remote Control Concrete Floor Grinder.


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1 review for Xingyi HTG-820RC Smart Remote Controlled Concrete Floor Grinder

  1. Frank Wood

    I Bought a XINGYI 820RC and a VAC from SIC and all I can say is that the machine is a workhorse and am very pleased with my purchase!

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  • Efficiency: The HTG-820RC boasts cutting-edge features like oscillating grinding and a multi-functional plate system, ensuring efficient and precise concrete grinding.
  • Versatility: With a generous 820mm grinding width, it is suitable for a variety of applications, including industrial projects, concrete preparation, and repair.
  • Innovation: The super following function system, including an HMI system and mist spray water system, showcases the product’s commitment to innovation and advanced technology.
  • Ease of Use: Features like the effortless transportation system and flexible turning system make the HTG-820RC user-friendly, enhancing the overall grinding experience.
  • Popularity: Proven by the high demand and 102 sets sold globally within 30 days of its launch, it reflects the product’s popularity and trust among professionals in the industry.
  • Control System: Smart Remote Control
  • Innovative Features:
    • HMI System
    • Flexible Turning System
    • Oscillating Grinding System
    • Mist Spray Water System
    • Effortless Transportation System
    • Swing Weights System
    • Multi-functional Plates System
    • Patent Gearbox with MAGcleaning™ System
  • Applications:
    • Industrial Concrete Grinding
    • Concrete Floor Preparation and Repair
    • Polishing and Grinding (Both Wet and Dry)
Product XINGYI HTG-820RC
Voltage: 380-440V three phase
Motor: 18.5KW
Amperage: 39.3A
Working width: 820mm
Plate: 278mm x 4
Speed: 350-1950rpm
Weight: 620KG
Packing Size:  167*87*133

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