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Xingyi HTG 250VS

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Xingyi HTG 250VS is the ultimate solution for concrete surface perfection. This professional edge grinder combines precision and versatility, making it an ideal choice for achieving superior results in edge grinding and polishing applications


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Variable Speed 250mm Floor Grinder
Bonus: One 250mm Cup Wheel

Meet the Xingyi HTG 250VS , a portable powerhouse crafted for efficient edge grinding and polishing. This versatile machine promises swift and precise results in concrete surface preparation.

Key Features:

  1. Convenience at Your Fingertips: Experience ultimate convenience with adjustable speed, portable weight, and foldable grinding heads.
  2. Multi-functionality Unleashed: This machine is equipped to tackle any job when paired with the right tooling, such as Diamond pads, resin pads, cup wheels, and bush hammers.

Xingyi HTG 250VS  Professional Floor Grinder and Polisher:

The Xingyi HTG 250VS is your go-to solution for edge, corner, or small area grinding and polishing, particularly in locations where larger grinders may struggle to access. Weighing in at just 65kg, its light and compact design, coupled with a collapsible machine frame, makes it exceptionally user-friendly and easy to pack, ensuring convenient transportability.

Powered by a robust 3KW WGE motor, this grinder boasts strong starting torque and stable performance. Its single grinding disc is versatile, accommodating various grinding abrasives, while the adjustable axle allows flexible positioning for different grinding tasks.

Highlighted Features:

  • Ensuring a dust-free working environment with a dedicated dust port, the Xingyi HTG 250VS adds another layer of cleanliness to your workspace.
  • Enjoy variable speed options with a high-quality inverter, providing you with precise control over the grinding process.
  • Flexibility in grinding positions is achieved thanks to the adjustable axle, allowing you to adapt to different project requirements effortlessly.
  • A famous brand WEG motor guarantees strong starting torque, ensuring consistent and reliable performance.
  • The collapsible handle enhances portability, making the Xingyi HTG 250VS easy to pack and transport.
  • Versatility is at the core, with a single but adaptable grinding disc suitable for various applications.
  • Compact dimensions and light weight add to its user-friendly design, making it an ideal choice for projects with tight spaces.


Product XINGYI HTG 250VS
Working Width: 250mm
Motor Power: 2.2KW / 3KW
Voltage Options: 220 – 240V Single Phase
Working Speed: 350-1250rpm
Operation: Pushing
Weight: 70kg
Packing Size: 74 x 51x 94cm
Acceptable Tools: Multi-function tools plate (Customisation available)
Plate 10inch

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ):

Q1: How do you use a floor angle grinder?

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