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Sikafloor 24 Purcem – 15.2kg kit

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Medium to heavy duty textured or smooth, 1.5-3.0mm polyurethane hybrid floor


Sikafloor 24 Purcem 15.2kg kit (a+b+c+pigment)

Sikafloor®-24 PurCem® is a Food grade approved, fast turn around, water-based coloured polyurethane hybrid that can produce a smooth or textured, matt, impervious and hard wearing surface. Sikafloor®-24 PurCem® is typically installed at 1.5–3.0 mm thickness. It is designed to be used as new floor or for fast refurbishment of existing resin based floors.


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  • Food and Beverage processing  -dry or wet areas
  • Food facilities – Re sufacing/refurbishing existing seamless floors
  • Engineering process areas
  • Warehouse logistics
  • Manufacturing facilities.
  • Warehouse floor refurbishment.



  • Fast cure – short down time
  • HACCP – Food grade approval
  • Good chemical resistance
  • High mechanical resistance
  • High glass transition point
  • Non tainting /odourless
  • Low VOC
  • Can be applied to substrates with high moisture content (7 days old or mature damp concrete or 10% moisture pbw)
Sikafloor®-24 PurCem®
Part A (neutral) light beige liquid
Part B brown liquid
Part C natural grey powder
Part D colourpack as per list below for part A neutral

Standard RAL colours: Traffic Grey 7042, Dusty Grey 7037, Curtain Call S46B9, Oxide red 3009, Sky Blue 5015, Beige 1001

Available on request:    Grass Green 6010, Maize Yellow 1006,

Sikafloor®-24 PurCem® Full kit
Part A (neutral) 2.80 kg plastic container
Part B 3.00 kg plastic container
Part C 9.00 kg plastic bag
Part D Pigment   0.4 kg plastic tub

Part A (neutral)+B+C+D: 15.2 kg (8.5L) ready to mix units


Premix part A with a low speed electric stirrer and then add part B and mix for 30 seconds. For the colourpack version, premix part A neutral with a low speed electric stirrer and add part D to it. Mix until a uniform colour is achieved. Ad part B and mix for 30 seconds.

Use a double paddle (axis) mixer and gradually add part C (aggregate) to the mixed resin. Allow part C to blend for further 2 minutes minimum, to ensure complete mixing and a uniform moist mix is obtained. During the operations, scrape down the sides and bottom of the container with a flat or straight edge trowel at least once (parts A+B+C) to ensure complete mixing.

Mixing Tools
Use a low speed electric stirrer (300 – 400 rpm) for mixing parts A and B. For preparation of the mortar mix use a double paddle mixer.


Prior to application, confirm substrate moisture content, relative humidity and dew point. As a scratch coat Sikafloor®-24 PurCem® can be applied using a steel trowel. As a body coat Sikafloor®-24 PurCem® can be applied using a toothed trowel or pin screed, or a steel trowel. Remove air with a spike roller.

If creating a PurCem HB-24 textured floor, broadcast desired grade of Silica sand or Sikafloor Broadcast B1 Bauxite to excess.

Be aware of open time to keep up with the initial set time of the Sikafloor®-24 PurCem® base.

Once sufficiently hard to accept a persons weight, remove all brodcast excess by sweeping and vacuuming.

Apply finish coats of Sikafloor 31 or 33 PurCem as per instructions of those TDS.

The mixing and placement of the the Sikafloor®-24 PurCem® base and any finish coats must be carried out strictly in accordance with application guidelines.

Failure to do so will adversely affect set times and the appearance of the finished product related to eveness and colour.

If using Sikafloor®-24 PurCem® as an overlay system on existing resin floors, observe the correct methods for preparation.

Refer to Sika Technical Dept. for direction


Colour accuracy disclaimer: We have taken care to display the most accurate visuals of our products. However, we are not responsible for the colour accuracy of the device you are viewing our swatches on. These variations arise due to different computer monitors and devices (make, model and technology, as well as resolution, contrast and brightness control settings) in much the same way a scan will differ from an original image and a colour photocopy. Furthermore, coatings can exhibit variation in perceived colour depending on gloss level and application method. If you require a very specific colour match, please make your selection via actual swatches and colour boards available at our showroom.

Product Disclaimer: Ensure you read all product, technical and safety data sheets prior to application as liability falls on the applicator. All products must be applied in accordance with manufacturer’s recommended method.

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