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Cementitious Polyurethane

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Cementitous polyurethane floor coating products, such as Sikafloor Purcem, are the ideal solution for commercial kitchens, food industry or any other high traffic area. This advanced product performs extremely well under tough conditions and areas that experience thermal shock, since it is designed to be highly durable and suitable for all types of heavy traffic. Its non-porous surface does not harbor bacteria and absorb dirt or grease, making it an ideal choice for busy areas where hygiene matters most. It is also environmentally friendly due to its low in VOC content and can overall reduce maintenance costs over time. With Poly Cement products you will find the perfect compromise between performance, durability and cost.

Polyurethane Cemments are not recommened to be used by DIY applicators and must be used by trained and professional applicators.

Click here to view Sika’s PDF brochure regarding PurCem’s Application.

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