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Alka111-Novolak Epoxy-24kg kits

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Alka 111 serves as a versatile solution for various applications, including wastewater treatment tanks, corrosion protection lining for storage tanks, and bund lining for manufacturing facilities exposed to corrosive chemicals. It finds utility in food processing plants, pulp and paper mills, as well as fertilizer and insecticide plants, and petroleum refineries.

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Alka111- 100% Novolak Epoxy System


Alka111 is engineered for demanding applications that require heavy-duty protection. Alka 111 finds utility in:

  • Wastewater treatment tanks
  • Corrosion protection lining for storage tanks
  • Bund lining for manufacturing facilities exposed to corrosive chemicals
  • Food processing plants
  • Pump and paper mills
  • Fertilizer and insecticide plants
  • Petroleum refineries


With its rapid cure, Alka 111 offers excellent bond strength and easy application via brush or roller. Additionally, it boasts low VOC and low permeability, along with outstanding resistance to alcohol, gasohol, and acids. Moreover, it exhibits good mechanical resistance and exceptional resistance to solvents.

Alka 111 is available in 24 Kg, 18 Kg Resin & 4 Kg hardener & 2 Kg Pigment packages, all in a neutral color. When applying, it’s recommended to achieve a layer thickness of approximately 160-200 microns per coat.

Pot Life (at 20°C)

Approximately 22 minutes

Curing Time (at 20°C)

Alka 111 tack-free time is 4 hours, allowing for re-coating within 12-24 hours. Light traffic is permissible after 3 days, with full cure achieved in 10 days.


Roller coating requires approximately 0.25–0.3 kg/m², while self-smoothing wearing course or finish locking coat on textured finishes needs about 0.9–1.2 kg/m².

Primer usage

For the first coat over unprimed surfaces, use 5–6 sqm/litre, increasing to 6–8 sqm/litre over primed or coated surfaces. For the second coat, usage is 6–8 sqm/litre over troweled toppings and 2–4 sqm/litre otherwise.

Application Instructions

Additionally, Alka 111 can be applied using a brush or roller, with roller selection based on the desired finish.

Cleaning of Equipment

Xylene is suitable for cleaning tools and equipment before the compound begins to harden. Once cured, mechanical removal is necessary.

Product Details

Alka 111 Shelf life: 12 months Storage

Conditions: Store away from direct sunlight, naked flames, sparks, and heating. Flash point >25°C.

Density: 1.4 Kg/L

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Alka-111 Data Sheet

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