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Sydney Industrial Coatings is delighted to introduce Alka Coatings, an esteemed international company based in Australia and a leader in the industry. Alka Coatings is dedicated to expanding its global presence and establishing branches in various countries to tap into the coatings materials market. They wholeheartedly align with Alka Coatings' mission to advance protective coating technologies while maintaining a strong commitment to environmental sustainability.

About Alka Coatings

Driven by market demand, Alka Coatings is dedicated to producing specialized, optimized, and practical solutions tailored for complex projects, driven by market demand. They continuously strive to enhance their product offerings by staying at the forefront of nanotechnology advancements, firmly believing that nanomaterials will play an increasingly vital role in the next generation of protective coatings.

Their Values

Building Trust: They cultivate long-term relationships with their customers, colleagues, and partners, approaching all interactions with respect and responsibility. Their commitment to Alka Coatings' values, strategies, policies, and decisions is pivotal to their sustained success.

Unmatched Quality: Their passion for product excellence is unwavering. They manufacture their specialized coatings with precision, speed, and efficiency, utilizing only the highest-quality raw materials. Rigorous testing ensures that their products consistently meet the highest quality standards.

Innovation: Drawing on their experience and unique approach to research and development, they innovate and adapt coating products that precisely address the unique needs of their customers. Creative solutions are their hallmark.

Global Thinking: They actively promote mutual understanding among diverse cultures by creating opportunities for collaboration. Through global mobility programs, their employees gain international work experience and immerse themselves in different cultures. This approach enables them to participate in market development and establish a strong global presence.

Their Approach

Sydney Industrial Coatings serves a broad spectrum of industries, focusing on innovation management and the development of top-quality products that consistently meet the latest independent tests, standards, and regulations. This commitment ensures their customers complete peace of mind and the assurance of working with a trusted manufacturer.


From harbors to airports and from design to functionality, Alka Coatings' complete solutions empower creative concepts to come to life. With their products, you can realize infrastructure projects without compromise. Enhance the beauty of your designs with matte, metallic, or colorful coatings, and achieve passive fire protection to make your steelwork shine. Their single-source solutions can expedite your specification process.

Products on the Horizon

  • Self-healing coatings
  • Nano anti-air pollution solutions
  • Nano intumescent fireproofing

Sydney Industrial Coatings is your reliable partner in accessing these cutting-edge solutions from Alka Coatings.

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