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Boral Speciality Sand Mix

Boral dry graded sands and gravels are ideally suited for use as inert fillers in epoxy resin flooring and repair systems, resin based waterproofing systems and textured paint coatings, as well as line marking applications.

Boral Offers

  • Bulk fill aggregates - Coarse graded sand and gravel are ideally suited for use as bulk fill aggregate for deep fill applications to optimise your resin/binder content and reduce associated costs.
  • Screed mix sands - Various blends of different grades are commonly used as fillers for resin screed mixes to optimise performance and reduce binder costs.
  • Coving mix sands - A variety of grades can be blended to produce a high performing coving mix that will hold resin and "sit up" when blended correctly, creating a seamless floor for occupational health and safety applications.
  • Non-slip broadcast sands - Our sands are uniformly graded and when broadcast over the surface of a wet resin coating will achieve a non-slip surface for vehicle or foot traffic. Broadcast sands can also be used to create a "scratch coat" to aid bonding in preparation for a coating mix.
  • Texture coatings - Several grades of our sands can be utilised in paint-based texture mixes to create a course or fine texture as desired.

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