EpiMax 842 Fast Curing UV Stable Flooring Systems in Clear or Coloured - 40L


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EpiMax 842 Fast-Curing UV Stable Flooring Systems are part of a family of two-component flooring systems built on polyaspartic chemistry. They available in clear and coloured versions. These systems provide fast cure times translating into rapid return to service. The high film build reduces the number of coats required to provide the same overall coating thickness. These systems offer low VOC, rapid curing and long lasting durability for the end user. They can be combined with other attractive components (vinyl chips, coloured quartz etc) resulting in highly durable and aesthetically appealing concrete floor finish systems that can be installed in just one day and also allow traffic exposure within hours of completion. EpiMax 842 Clear is a clear seal coat. EpiMax 842 Coloured is the coloured version.