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alka 204 topcoatalka 204 topcoat

ALKA 204-(Polyaspratic 60% Solids) -20kg

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Alka 204 is a clear, solvent-based polyaspartic topcoat, formulated in two components for application over concrete floor coatings. With a very high gloss finish and low viscosity, Alka 204 stands out for its exceptional abrasion resistance and flexibility compared to conventional solvent-based polyurethane coatings. It represents the next generation of polyurethanes, belonging to the aliphatic polyurea or polyaspartic family of resins.

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Alka 204 Clear

UV Stable Polyaspartic Topcoat

Alka 204 is a great option for many uses, including Decorative Flake systems, Epoxy self-levelling floor toppings, and decorative flooring finishes for both indoor and outdoor areas.


Alka 204 has a lot  of advantages, making it an outstanding option for a variety of applications. It delivers an exceptionally bright, clear, and transparent finish, ensuring surfaces maintain their radiant appearance. Thanks to its low viscosity, applying it becomes effortless, facilitated by its smooth consistency.

Furthermore, Alka 204 exhibits exceptional toughness and durability, guaranteeing long-lasting protection. Its outstanding bond strength ensures robust adhesion to surfaces, while its versatility permits users to apply it with either a brush or roller, offering flexibility. With its ultra-high solids content, it achieves superior performance, safeguarding new concrete from damage and revitalizing worn surfaces to a smooth finish.


For application, aim for a coating thickness of approximately 25 microns per coat. The pot life at 25°C lasts for at least 1 hour, providing sufficient time for application. At the same temperature, curing time entails achieving touch dryness within 1 hour, with re-coating possible after 6-8 hours. Light traffic can resume after 3 days, and full cure occurs within 7 days, ensuring a durable and resilient finish.


Substrate conditions typically dictate the application rate, ranging from approximately 0.1 to 0.15 kg/m2 (around 5-8 m2/litre) per coat. Additionally, users typically apply two coats as a concrete sealer to achieve a total thickness of 25 microns.

Application Instructions

Alka 204 can be applied by brush, roller, or spray. Please note that Alka 204 has a special solvent, and normal Xylene solvents must not be used for thinning.

Cleaning of Equipment

Use Xylene to clean tools and equipment before the mixed compound begins to harden. Once cured, you can only remove it mechanically.

Alka 204 Technical Data Sheet


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