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Warehouse Epoxy Flooring

Sydney Industrial Coatings Silverwater Warehouse floor painted in epoxy by Sydney Epoxy Floors


Warehouse flooring necessitate a particular epoxy floor coating solution that can resist the frequent forklift movement and product spillage. Furthermore, warehouse floors must be safe to walk and operate on, therefore selecting the correct epoxy floor coating product is critical. Choosing the wrong system or epoxy coating type might lead to poor aesthetics, decreased operational efficiency, and even danger for your employees or consumers!

High solids solvent base and solventless two pack epoxies are typically the best choices for warehouse floor protection.

The application of epoxy coating on your warehouse floor gives numerous benefits, including the following:

– Provides protection against everyday warehouse use and is a permanent dust proofing solution over dusty concretes.

– Creates a welcoming environment that is simple to clean and maintain.

– Slip resistance can be improved by including anti-slip material into the epoxy.

– High solid epoxies, such as UltraKote HS-EPSikafloor 264, will withstand the majority of acid, fuel, and oil spills.

– The shiny floor covering will create a bright surface, increasing efficiency and safety.

– Floor safety markings can be painted on.

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