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Self Levlling, Repair and Epoxy Screed Products and Mortars

Self Levlling, Repair and Epoxy Screed Products and Mortars

Anti Slip Media For Epoxy Floor Coating Products


Self-levelling and epoxy screeding products are suitable for repairing spalls, fixing low points in the flooring and repairing expansion joints in concrete surfaces. They are able to tackle difficult jobs effectively and easily, ensuring that all types of floors are level and defect free. Defects like waviness or uneven-ness can be evened out as well as repairing crumbling corners, filling holes and repairing old worn down concrete surfaces. Levelling and epoxy screeding products provide the strength and durability needed to ensure long standing results.

Whether you want to repair cracks and imperfections, apply epoxy coving or level a floor. The products listed below are recommended. Best products for patching epoxy floors:

– Sikadur 33
– Sikadur 31CFN
– Sikadur 513 Magic Powder
– SIC Coving and Epoxy Repair

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