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SikaGrout UW – 20Kg Bag (MTO)

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Shrinkage compensated cementitious grout for underwater applications

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SikaGrout-UW is a ready to use, class A cement-based grout for applications underwater.  The grout, when properly mixed, will have no significant ‘wash out’ of the cement phase.  SikaGrout-UW is a blend of Portland cement, carefully selected and graded aggregates and Sika admixtures enabling it to achieve excellent flow, non wash-out characteristics and high compressive strength.


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SikaGrout-UW can be used individually for underwater grouting or as a system in conjunction with Sika Pile Jacket systems or other confinement jacket repair systems for rehabilitation of concrete, steel and timber piles in marine applications.

  • Bridge Column repairs.
  • Piles repair.
  • Slipways.
  • Dams.
  • Underwater grouting.



  • Economical
  • Good resistance to ‘wash-out’ of cement phase when placed underwater.
  • Effectively displaces water.
  • Shrinkage compensating properties.
  • High early & 28 day strengths.
  • Good impact, vibration and thermal resistance.
  • Non-corrosive to steel or iron.
  • Used with Sika Pile Jacket and other pile jacket systems.

Grey Cement powder

20kg bag, 1000kg Bulk bag to order



SikaGrout-UW must be mechanically mixed using a mechanical forced action
grout mixer. It is essential that mixing is carried out in a manner so that the
grouting operation may continue without interruption.


Always add powder to the water. Place approximately 70% of the total water content into the bucket.
Add powder slowly to the water while mixing till bag is empty. Then slowly add remaining 30% of the water component is to be added while continuing to mix.

The total water required for each 20kg bag of powder is 3.7 litres. Mix the
grout until it appears homogenous (3 to 5 minutes). Allow to stand so any
entrapped air can escape. Do not add more water to increase flow of grout if
a mix has stiffened due to time delays. If grout is unworkable, discard.

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