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Sikafloor 050 Ramp & Patch – 20kg

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Sikafloor®-050 Ramp and Patch is a fast setting ramping / patching mortar used for internal & external concrete surfaces.


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  • Applied by its self, or part of a system with suitable materials from Sikafloor®, Sikadur® SikaBond®, SikaTite® & Davco® ranges
  • Ramping/grading to create a smooth transition between two types of flooring
  • Patching damaged concrete floors, stairs, & walls



  • Very Low VOC (1 grams per litre)
  • Rapid drying
  • Internal & external applications
  • Non-combustible
  • Fast setting
  • Smooth flat surface is achievable
  • High early strength 24hrs = 28 – 30MPa
  • Walkable in as little as 40 – 50 minutes
  • Installation of flooring in 60-90 minutes

Grey Powder

20kg Bag – 48 bags per pallet


High speed heavy duty electric drill and mixing paddle. Suitable size bucket/vessel – 20L +


Mix the entire 20kg bag of powder with 4.1 – 4.3 Litres of clean, cool water. Slowly add powder to the water while mixing with a suitable electric drill and mixing paddle. Thoroughly mix for only 1 minutes to a lump free consistency and apply directly. Not mixing for the recommended time or additional water may result in product irregularities and possible product failure.


Using Sikafloor®-050 Ramp and Patch prior to floor coverings:
Once product is mixed immediately apply and begin working to heights required. Product can be worked/shaped/shaved with the back of a trowel up to 20 minutes after application.

Using Sikafloor®-050 Ramp and Patch to repair concrete:
Patching concrete
On a well prepared clean and roughened concrete surface a bonding primer is generally not required, but pre-dampening of the surface with
water is recommended. After water has been applied and allowed to soak the concrete surface should achieve a dark matt appearance without
glistening and surface pores and pits shall not contain water. The surface shall not be allowed to completely dry before application of Sikafloor®-050 Ramp and Patch. If priming is preferred first diluted Sikafloor® 01 Primer 1:3 with water then apply by way of a brush till all areas have been coated and allow to dry. Once placed, a trowel is used to pack & shape Sikafloor®-050 Ramp and Patch into the concrete void. Sikafloor®-050 Ramp and Patch can also be left high of the finished surface required and shaved using the trowel until full set. Working time 15 – 20 min @ 23°C. Note: Freshly applied Sikafloor®-050 Ramp and Patch must be protected from damp, condensation and all forms of water while curing for at least 24 hours.

Product Data Sheet (PDS)

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