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Sika Quick 2500 AU – 20kg

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SikaQuick®-2500 is a 1- part, cementitious, very rapid hardening, early strength gain concrete repair material.


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  • On, above and below grade on concrete
  • Highway overlays and repairs
  • Structural repair material for concrete roadways, parking structures, bridges, dams and ramps
  • Full depth patching repairs
  • Economical patching material for horizontal repairs of concrete and mortar



  • Very rapid hardening as defined by ASTM C-928
  • Epoxy coatings can be applied as early as 4 hours
  • Freeze / thaw resistant
  • Easy to mix and apply –  labor saving
  • High early strength
  • Fast setting
  • Open to foot traffic in 45 minutes
  • Open to vehicle traffic in 1 hour (at 23 °C)
  • Not a vapour barrier
  • Can be placed up to 150mm

Grey Powder

20 kg bag


Mechanically mix in an appropriately sized mortar mixer. Wet down all tools and mixer to be used.

Start with 2.1 litres of water added to the mixing vessel. Add 1 bag of SikaQuick®-2500 while continuing to mix. Add up to another 0.3 litres of water to achieve desired consistency. Do not over water.


Reinforcement Corrosion Protection / Primer Coating

Where a reinforcement coating is required, apply to the whole exposed circumference of the steel the SikaTop 110 EpoCem or Sika Monotop 910N. The repair mortar must be applied into the coating ‘wet’ on ‘dry’.

Concrete Bonding Primer

Prime the prepared substrate with a scrub coat of SikaQuick®-2500 by firmly scraping the scrub coat over the substrate surface to form a thin layer and fill any pores or cavities in the surface. Ensure the whole surface to be repaired is covered by the scrub coat. The repair mortar has to be applied into primer ‘wet’ on ‘wet’.

Repair Mortar

The prepared mortar must be scrubbed into the substrate. Be sure to fill all pores and voids. force materials against the edge of the repair, working towards the centre. After filling the repair, screed of excess. Allow concrete to set to desired stiffness, then finish. If a smoother finish is desired, a magnesium float should be used. Mixing, placing and finishing should not exceed 15 minutes maximum.

To control setting times, cold water should be used in hot weather and hot water used in cold weather.


Moist cure should commence immediately after finishing. It is necessary to protect newly applied material from rain. To prevent from freezing, cover with insulating material.

Product Data Sheet (PDS)


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