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Makinex Power Generator 23 KVA

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Compact and powerful 23KVA 415V single/three-phase generator

Avoid the hassle and expense of oversized SKID and towable generators. With the world’s smallest dual phase 23 KVA generator, you can put 19KW of 3-phase 415V power exactly where you need it.

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Power Generator 23 KVA

Generator 23KVA 415V

Less than one third the size and weight of comparable towable and SKID generators, the 23KVA is the world’s smallest 3-phase 415V generator in its class. This is a game-changer for power-hungry contractors and tradesmen in the concrete, masonry and flooring industry.

Avoid all the hassle of a cumbersome heavy-duty generator parked at the curb. The 23KVA 415V is so small it fits in your equipment trailer or truck, and gets through standard doorways. So, you can put it right where it is needed, and eliminate the hazard and power loss of long cables.

The 23KVA uses permanent-magnet brushless alternator technology. This guarantees clean 415V three phase power and robust power supply.

These advanced alternator features yield 15% more power from the same engine, than is possible with conventional copper wound alternators, while requiring fewer electronic components. This makes for less wear and tear and a longer lifespan.

Equipped with industry standard 32A 3 phase and 15A single phase outlets, the 23KVA 415V can power multiple pieces of single phase and 415V three phase equipment at the same time with no requirement for voltage selection. Just plug equipment into the right outlet and power it up!

Powered by the Briggs & Stratton VANGUARD™ 61G277 Twin Cylinder Air cooled petrol engine with electronic governor, you can be sure of great fuel economy, low emissions and a perfectly balanced engine with low vibrations.

Top reasons for choosing Makinex generators

  • All Makinex products are designed and built to endure the rigors of inductive and high frequency application markets.
  • Advanced alternator tech saves 15% fuel versus similar generators using the same engine whilst maintaining less than 3% harmonic distortion of sinewave.
  • Designed for maximum convenience and ease for concrete, masonry and flooring pros


2020 Most Innovative Product At World Of Concrete (General Construction Tools & Equipment)


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  • Durable Galvanised frame
  • Multi-cushion isolators for vibration reduction
  • Compact design for easy storage and transport
  • Lifting point for transportation RFL permanent magnet alternator
  • Electronic Fuel Injection Electronic Governor
  • Having power near to where I am working
  • Combining 3 phase and single phase outlets
  • Portable and maneuverable
  • Tight access
  • Adjustable power flow
  • Most compact portable generator on market
  • 15% more power from the same engines
  • Easy to position near working area
  • Suitable for inductive & high frequency loads
Rated Frequency  50Hz
Rated Power Factor  0.8
Outlet Sockets  2 X 15A SINGLE PHASE +
1 X 32A 3PHASE SOCKETS (all with RCBO Protection)
Dry Weight  240KG
Dimensions  1107 x 636 x 1033 mm
Noise Level (7m)  50% LOAD – 80dB
Type  Twin Cylinder Air Cooled Petrol
Model  VanGuard 61G277
Starting System Electric Key Start
Displacement  993CC
Fuel Economy  5.7L/h @ 50% Load
Fuel Tank  50L

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