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Eco Screed Rapid (Concentrate) – 20kg (MTO)

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A rapid setting screed binder for cement based screeds & mortar beds.

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Eco Screed Rapid Concentrate is a rapid setting screed binder for mixing with graded sand aggregates. Formulated for rapid setting times for a variety of rapid setting screed applications.


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Eco Screed Rapid Concentrate is suitable for rapid drying screeds and mortar beds ready for foot traffic after 3-4 hours & ready for tiling installation after 6-8 hours.  Eco Screed Rapid Concentrate improves compressive strength and flexural strength when compared to typical sand & cement screeds Eco Screed Rapid Concentrate is suitable for both internal and external use.



  • Easy to use
  • Good open time
  • Economical
  • Fast setting
  • Improves compressive strength
  • Improves flexural stength
  • Low VOC

20 Kg Bags


Eco Screed Rapid Concentrate shall be mixed with graded sand aggregate from 0.8mm to 4mm thick.

MIx 20kg Eco Screed Rapid concentrate with 60, 80, or 100kg of graded sand with 9.2 – 11.2 Litres of clean cool water. Mix for 3 minutes to a semi dry homogeneous mix and use immediately.


Bonded Screeds:

Prior to placement of screed mix a slurry bond coat consisting of 1part Eco Screed Rapid with 1 part EcoCrete admix to 2 Parts water.

Apply the bond coat with a broom or trowel to the substrate to a minimum depth of 2mm. Prior to the bond coat skinng, place and level the screed mix. Level and shape the falls as required.

Minimum depth: 10mm

Maximum depth 100mm

Unbonded Screeds

Lay 2 layers of polyethylene film on the substrate and tape the joins.

Place the mixed screed onto the polyethelene film and reinforce with galvanised wire as per applicable standards.

Level and shape to falls as required.

Minimum depth: 30mm

Maximum depth 100m


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