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Aqua Blok Rapid 15ltr

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AquaBlok® Rapid is a highly flexible, Class III, rapid drying, waterproofing membrane suitable for internal and external use. Sika® Aqua Blok® Rapid is designed to bond to a wide variety of substrates and is micro fibre reinforced for improved tensile strength and crack bridging. Sika® Aqua Blok® Rapid is perfect suited to cool and cold climates due to it ability to dry and cure at low temperatures.


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Sika® Aqua Blok® Rapid is suitable for use over typical substrate such as;

  • Concrete
  • Cement based screeds and renders
  • Fibre cement sheeting / Ceramic Tile Underlay
  • Compressed cement boards
  • Structural particle board sheeting overlayed with ceramic tile underlay
  • Structural plywood sheeting
  • Water resistant plasterboard
  • Existing tiles (refer further detail in priming)



  • Rapid drying, overcoat in 2 hours
  • Flood test after 24 hours
  • High extensibility >300%
  • Changes colour once dry, from Pink to Dark Red
  • Internal & external applications
  • Water based – easy to use
  • Low VOC
  • Residential and commercial applications
  • Micro fibre reinforced
  • Compatible with Sika and Davco range of tile adhesives
  • Premixed ready to use

Wet – Pink, once dry dark red.

15 Litre pails

Drying time

Approximate drying time between coats.

 5° C  90+ minutes
23°C  60+ minutes

Drying times will be influenced by airflow, humidity, temperature, surface porosity and environment conditions. Use table as a guide only.

Applied product ready for use

Ready for tiling after 2nd coat 4 hours
Ready for flood testing 24 hours
Return to service 3 days
  • Drying times are determined at 23°C and 50% Relative humidity. Allow longer in cold or high humidity climates.
  • Flood tests can be conducted for a maximum duration of 2 hours after 24 hours drying.


Sika® Aqua Blok® Rapid shall be applied in a minimum of 2 coats to both wall and floor substrates.
Walls application coverage rate: 0.4 Litres per m2 per coat.
Floor & perimeter skirting application coverage rate : 0.8 Litres per m2 per coat.


  • Personal protective equipment
  • Brush, or short nap roller


All new concrete slabs must have a wood float finish and be allowed to cure for at least 6 weeks Old concrete must be cleaned with a strong commercial grade detergent or degreaser. Residue must then be thoroughly washed off with clean water. Allow the surface to dry for at least 24
hours. If the concrete (new or old) has a steel trowel or power float finish, it must be mechanically abraded to expose the aggregate. Laitance must be removed prior to application.

Renders & Screeds:
New rendered or screeds surfaces must have a wood float finish and be allowed to cure for at least 7 days.

Light Weight Block / Hebel, and Cement Coated Polystyrene Boards:
Prime the surface with 2 coats of suitable Sika primer

  • Metal drain connections and PVC puddle flanges Shall be lightly abraded and then cleaned
  • Apply a coat of Sika® Prep N Prime and allow to dry

Construction Sheeting & Boards:

  • Standard wall / floor building boards must be primed with a Suitable SIka primer and firmly fixed in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions and appropriate Australian Standards. Such boards include plasterboard, fibre cement sheeting, marine grade ply and wet area composition board. Check with manufacturer of other building boards for their suitability.
  • Screw or nail heads must be sealed with a Sika® Neutral cure sealant.
  • All sheeting joints, seams, penetrations and wall/floor junctions shall have a Sika® Neutral cure sealant applied.



All surfaces to be waterproofed must be firm, clean, dry, structurally sound and smooth. All grease, oil, wax, curing compounds, dust, loose material, laitance and other contaminants must be removed. All projections and rough spots should be dressed off to achieve a flat surface. The substrate surface must be continuous and not pond water with adequate falls to waste as required.

Substrate Priming:

All substrates shall be primed prior to the application of Sika® Aqua Blok® Rapid

Application Primer
Porous substrates Eco Prime WB

Davco Ultraprime

Davco PrimeX

Siklastic Moisture Seal

Non Porous Substrates Sika Prep n Prime
Early aged screeds and concrete Sikalastic Moisture Seal


Static Crack and Sheet Joint Treatment:
For static cracks 0.5–3 mm wide rout out and clean thoroughly before filling with Sika® Neutral Cure Silicone to form a bond breaker. For all sheet joints and seams clean thoroughly and fill with a Sika sealant to form a bond breaker, apply a liberal coat of Sika® Aqua Blok® Rapid extending 100 mm either side of the crack/joint and place bandage into the wet membrane, press down firmly to ensure good contact, apply another liberal coat of Sika® Aqua Blok® Rapid to the entire surface to embed the bandage. For dynamic cracks, expansion joints and control joints contact Sika® technical service for advice.

Suitable sealants include;

  • Sika Neutral cure silicone
  • Sikaflex® Fillet

Bond Breaker:
AquaBlok® Rapid has high extensibility and is designed for use with a 12 mm bond breaker, a bead of Sika® Neutral Cure Silicone must be tooled off to form a 12 mm wide bond breaker. A bond breaker must be installed at areas subject to movement, wall/wall junction, wall/floor
junction, sheet joints and seams, penetrations and where there is a change in the direction or substrate type.

Suitable Bond breakers include;

  • Sika Neutral Cure silicone
  • Sikaflex® Fillet

Ensure bond breakers are adequately cured in accordnace to product datasheets.


Clean tools and equipment with clean water while the material is still wet. Cured coating can only be removed mechanically.

Sika-Aqua-Blok-Rapid (PDS)

Colour accuracy disclaimer: We have taken care to display the most accurate visuals of our products. However, we are not responsible for the colour accuracy of the device you are viewing our swatches on. These variations arise due to different computer monitors and devices (make, model and technology, as well as resolution, contrast and brightness control settings) in much the same way a scan will differ from an original image and a colour photocopy. Furthermore, coatings can exhibit variation in perceived colour depending on gloss level and application method. If you require a very specific colour match, please make your selection via actual swatches and colour boards available at our showroom.

Product Disclaimer: Ensure you read all product, technical and safety data sheets prior to application as liability falls on the applicator. All products must be applied in accordance with manufacturer’s recommended method.

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