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Rhino linings

At Sydney Industrial Coating, we proudly supply products from Rhino Linings Australasia Pty Ltd. This company is ISO 9001 Quality Assurance certified. Since 1988, It has been a leading developer of premium protective coatings. They dominate the market with top-quality, high-performance hybrid polyurethanes, pure polyurea, polyurethanes, and epoxies.

Trusted Brand for Durability and Quality

Rhino Linings is known for the quality, strength, and durability of their protective coatings. As a supplier, we ensure our customers access these trusted products. It's extensive range and continuous growth reflect their reliability and excellence.

Local Manufacturing and Global Reach

Their manufacturing facility in South East Queensland robustly supports Australian customers. Additionally, Rhino Linings operates in 85 countries with over 2000 applicators and contractors. Thus, they are synonymous with premium polyurethane products worldwide.

Excellence in Application and Support

Rhino Linings sets industry standards with advanced polymer and polyurethane formulations. They also use modern application equipment. Their network of independently owned and operated dealers and contractors ensures high-quality installations. Moreover, they provide comprehensive technical support. As a supplier, we offer our customers access to these superior products and ongoing support.

In conclusion, our partnership with Rhino Linings allows Sydney Industrial Coating to offer top-notch protective coatings. We are dedicated to ensuring our customers receive the best in quality, performance, and reliability.

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