EpiMax 999WB – Epoxy Protective Concrete Sealer


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EpiMax 999WB Concrete Protective Sealer is a hazmat free, two component water based clear epoxy coating system specially formulated to provide ease of application, fast hardening and excellent adhesion to concrete. This system provides economical and functional concrete slab protection in parking facilities, warehouses, factories, plant rooms, offices and restaurants.

EpiMax 999WB is also used as a general purpose clear protection system for polished concrete floors. Concrete professionally protected with EpiMax 999WB demonstrate good materials handling equipment and automotive fluid stain resistance. Importantly, these slabs will not dust since the slab surface is tightly bound and secure.

These protected floors are non-porous, monolithic, chemically inert and hygienic. They are far easier to clean and maintain. They also present brighter, lighter facilities with lower illumination costs, since wet, unprotected concrete reduces available illumination. EpiMax 999WB complies with sustainable construction standards.