Elite Crete Systems REFLECTOR Enhancer


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REFLECTOR™ Enhancer is a non-mica, non-metallic based powdered pigment that is designed to be added to clear coatings or sealers such as; E100-PT1™, E100-UV1™, E100-VR1™ 100% solids epoxy resins to create custom and unique coloring effects for seamless flooring systems.

Dry Powder, Non-Mica, Non-Metallic Pigmenting Agent

Unlike mica base or metallic pigments, REFLECTOR™ Enhancer is not dissolvable in waterborne or solvents but rather remains as a complete solid allowing for unique and dramatic multi-dimensional effects that distort the applications finished pattern. This distortion creates three dimensional color patterns that cannot be duplicated with other coloring or staining methods.