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Sikaflex 11FC


one-component polyurethane sealant

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Colour/Product Disclaimer


Sikaflex 11FC is a fast curing one-component polyurethane sealant/adhesive with permanent elasticity.


Uses & advantages

As an elastic adhesive for:

  • Assembling metal framed buildings
  • Cover plates and covings
  • Light-weight construction materials
  • Acoustic ceiling tiles
  • Wood, metal or plastic window and door frames
  • Floor mouldings and door sills

As an elastic joint sealant for:

  • Sealing joints in concrete, epoxy, stone and quarry tiled floors
  • Sealing joints in roofing and guttering etc
  • Flexible draught proofing
  • Containers, water tanks and silos
  • Excellent pick resistance for applications in shop fronts, prisons, schools, public amenities and buildings
  • Bolted lap joints
  • Sealing penetrations in walls or floors for ducts, piping, etc.
  • Sanitary purposes


  •  New Sikaflex 11FC will bond to well cleaned old Sikaflex 11FC
  • Excellent adhesion on all cement-based materials, brick, ceramics, metals, wood, polyurethane, epoxy, and some polyesters
  • Fast cure rate
  • High durability
  • High abrasion resistance and tear strength
  • Good weathering and water resistance
  • Non-sag on vertical joints up to 30 mm width
  • Ready for immediate use – no mixing
  • Non-corrosive
  • Can be painted over with many water, solvent and rubber-based paints (preliminary tests recommended)
  • Certified for use in contact with potable water (AS4020-2005)



Standard colours (available now)
Black, Grey

Specialty Colours (available on request only in box of 20)
White, Japan Beige



600ml sausage
Box of 20x 600ml Sausages – bulk options available on request


Data sheets




Product Disclaimer: Ensure you read all product, technical and safety data sheets prior to application as liability falls on the applicator. All products must be applied in accordance with manufacturer’s recommended method.

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Black Box, Black Single, Concrete Grey Box, Concrete Grey Single

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