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A & I Coatings V410 kit in Light Grey


(comes with 1x Epoxy Pigment) – 8L

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Vitreset is a premium high solids pigmented epoxy coating with enhanced flow and self-leveling properties which makes it an excellent choice for high build applications (where odour during application isn’t an issue and a heavy duty non slip floor is needed). V410 can be tinted to almost any colour and is usually used as an ultra durable, easy-to-clean top coat for concrete floors which have been primed with Enviroset 4111 or E2100. V410 is used very effectively with anti-slip media and can be used for external areas if over coated with UV resistant polyurethanes.


Uses & advantages


  • Concrete floors in factories
  • Warehouses
  • Jails
  • Washroom floors and walls
  • Shopping centre’s, etc.

Key features:

  • This spec is a heavy duty concrete protection system that is suitable in moderate to severe internal environments
  • May be applied with roller and brush or airless spray
  • Provides a hard wearing surface with good cleaning properties
  • Excellent appearance
  • Available in any colour, and comes with a gloss finish.


Data sheets

Brochure | Quick Guide  |  TDS  |  SDS Part A  |  SDS Part B



Colour accuracy disclaimer: We have taken care to display the most accurate visuals of our products. However, we are not responsible for the colour accuracy of the device you are viewing our swatches on. These variations arise due to different computer monitors and devices (make, model and technology, as well as resolution, contrast and brightness control settings) in much the same way a scan will differ from an original image and a colour photocopy. Furthermore, coatings can exhibit variation in perceived colour depending on gloss level and application method. If you require a very specific colour match, please make your selection via actual swatches and colour boards available at our showroom.

Product Disclaimer: Ensure you read all product, technical and safety data sheets prior to application as liability falls on the applicator. All products must be applied in accordance with manufacturer’s recommended method.

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