Flake epoxy system for single garage (25SQM)

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Garage Floor Epoxy Flake Flooring Black and White Flakes

Flake Epoxy Flooring is a great way to give new life to your garage floor and with the correct preparation and using premium grade floor coating products you can achieve a professional floor covering that will last and look good for many years. 

Benefits of the Full Flake Epoxy System: 

  • Non-slip
  • Extremely Durable and long lasting
  • Aesthetically pleasing with a variety of 10 designs to choose from
  • Easy to keep clean and maintain 
  • UV resistant
  • Hygienic and will not harbor bacteria
  • Durable and abrasion resistant 
  • Stain and chemical resistant
  • Available in Gloss or Matt finish
  • Environmental friendly

DIY Garage Flake Epoxy For Sale Sydney 2 Luxury Cars Parked on a Flake Epoxy Floor

This premium package is tailor-made to cover a standard single car garage in a full flake floor coating system or a double garage. Please note that this is not your average epoxy paint system sold at hardware stores and is used by trade professionals daily.

1x 10kg Sikafloor 264 kit
2x Flake boxes
1x 8kg Sikafloor 269 kit


Optional Materials



1x 8L SIC EP-85HB kit
4x Flake boxes
2x 5L SIC SuperClear WB kit

Optional Materials

1x 3GAL PT4 kit
4x Flake boxes
1x 3GAL VR1 kit

Optional Materials


Optional Accessories